We are here to help you with whatever transfers you may need. Please see the fees, procedures, and some notes to help us assist you.

With out of state transfers on something you’ve purchased from an FFL dealer online, simply forward the invoice to Make sure to include your information so that we can let you know when it is ready to be picked up. We will then contact the shipping FFL and make arrangements to get them our paperwork. The Washington state Department of Revenue requires us to collect use tax on all incoming dealer transfers so we will need a copy of the invoice for the sale.

If you are purchasing it through a private individual, they will need to include an enlarged and readable copy of their driver’s license with the firearm.  For private individual transfers, we do not collect Use Tax.

As firearms have to be logged into our book in the order they came in, we ask for 48 hours to process transfers, once they arrive at our shop. We generally try to get it to you as soon as possible and process these transfers as quickly as is possible. We don’t want to hold onto it any more then you want us too.


Out of State Transfer Fee

$50.00 per firearm.


Private Party In-state Transfers

This is a transfer between two Washington residents. (Military orders assigning you here make you a resident). Both the buyer, seller, and the firearm must be present. We do not retain possession of the firearm. If the buyer gets delayed or does not have a concealed pistol license (if you are transferring a handgun), the seller will maintain possession of the firearm until the background clears. At that time, the buyer, seller, and the firearm will return and we will finish up the transfer.


Private Party Transfer Fee    

$50.00 per firearm.

 Transferring out a firearm is a fairly straight forward process. Bring the firearm in to our store, unloaded and in the box you want to ship it in. We are not responsible for packaging it. The box must be left open so that we can verify serial numbers. Have the contact information for the FFL you want us to ship it to as well as the name and contact information for the receiving dealer. Many stores ask us for this information. We will handle the rest.


Transfer Out Fee



Shipping (Handgun/Rifle)


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